Thursday, February 4, 2010

When I grow up...

You ever have a conversation with a child that blows your mind? I had one today with my son, Jude. He is going to be 5 in May and I cannot believe how much I enjoy the talks we have. Today's talk, however, showed me a bit of how loved I am by my Father in Heaven....

It was the typical morning...breakfast, cleaning up, reading a book or two, coloring, and watching Sesame Street. I put Leland down for a nap and decided to make some cookies. Jude twirled around the kitchen, uninterested in the cartoons. He even went over and turned the TV off so 'we wouldn't waste energy'...I enjoyed his curiosity of what I was doing. He helped me stir in the oatmeal...peanut butter. As I spooned these cookies onto wax paper, he asked a simple question: "What will Heaven be like?"

I went on to explain the fun, food, golden streets, dancing with angels, and singing songs with Jesus...I even went into how much fun to meet the sibling he has up there. I asked if he remembered the 'sad' days after the baby brother, Sam, died. He said, "Yes" with a timid voice. He told me that he wanted to meet that baby but he wasn't ready to die yet...I told him 'Not til you're VERY old!" He said, "Oh like Papa?" (hee hee) I said, "No much much older than Papa!"

He persisted in knowing what Heaven would be like....what kind of food they have, do they play games, will my friends be there? I gave him the best answers I could of the little we know of that place. He then said to me, "How do we get there?" "Do we have directions?" I reminded him of the day he asked Jesus into his heart and he smiled, remembering. He then said this statement....a statement I hope I remember as long as I live. "Mommy, I bet Jesus will come and carry us...He is REALLY strong as Daddy!"

Childlike faith is more precious than anything and I see how God's love can be unable to be's just too much. I feel that love for this 'almost' 5 yr old who trust whole-heartedly in His God already....when I grow up, I hope I'm just like him.

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