Tuesday, February 2, 2010

cuz they're cousins.....and they're two of a kind!

So, this weekend we hosted the Miller side of the family at our home...we went to a Cavs game in a luxury suite and had one of the most amazing times! We even got to sit courtside and see the game up close. It was an experience I will never forget.

Another part of the weekend that makes me happy is that my little nephew Josiah who is a whopping 36hours older than my Leland came and watching these two little 3 month olds was amazing.

We so enjoyed the goos and gaa sounds they made....the giggles....the pitiful little cries....and of course watching their eyes as their older sibs/cousins ran around. It was a weekend to remember and I just so look forward to seeing these two little boys grow up together. Will they be best buds or will they fight like heck? It remains to be seen....

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