Thursday, February 25, 2010


There are days like today....where I lose it. I absolutely LOSE. IT.

I look at these 2 little faces. Their perfect milky white skin. One has these intense green eyes with maybelline lashes...the other with eyes bluer than the sky.

I cannot help myself as I start to kiss one's face and then the other and then the first one again and then.....I lose it. Jude ends up getting mad...the baby ends up crying.

I need to gain control. It's just so hard.

You know that 'spot' on a baby's neck/cheek/chin that is just so kissable. Yeah, Leland should have kiss-burn from the hours I've spent kissing that little spot.

I know there are lots of duties to be done today...but I'd rather just look, cuddle, kiss on my boys some more.

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