Monday, February 22, 2010

Worth the wait....

So, this weight loss stuff ain't easy. It's like one moment I'm prepped, veggies sliced, fruits available, and high-fiber snacks fill my cabinets....and then...I run into those moments when emotions are raw, stress comes or a night of little sleep turns me into dragon wife! Those moments tend to overtake and while I am the only one to blame here, it's just so hard NOT to turn to chocolate when life isn't going to plan.

Most times, weight loss is difficult. The times I've been most successful have been when I've got friendly competition and/or an accountability partner....but it's never been as hard as RIGHT NOW. I've just had a once hard and protruding belly can now be nicely tucked into my socks. My beautiful and lustrous 'pregnant' hair is now clogging drains and giving my husband the crabbies. It's unreal how this season they call "postpartum" is even more consuming than having your innerds squished by another human being. I had gone all hardcore on my diet right after New Year's...only to notice my then 2 month old waking up every 1 hour or more to eat in the night....I was about to pull my hair out when I realized that maybe my lack of calories contributed to my decrease in milk making my little guy need to eat more often. So, I got on fenugreek, upped the calories a bit, drank even MORE water, and you know what happened? I gained a pound!!! UGH!!!

It's not that I want to stop nursing because I honestly couldn't be more happy that it worked out so beautifully this time around...but wow, what a sacrifice. It's like when I was prego, my body was shared quite literally....and body is still shared and still rather literal.

As frustrating as it is to have the extra poundage on right now...and to see my smaller sized jeans sit neatly in my drawers....and to have a VERY limited's really truly and entirely worth it when I see this little man and so on and so forth.


Blessed Mamma said...

My OBGYN encouraged me with the news that around six pounds drop after you finish nursing for many women...of course you have to wait a bit but the thought of pounds coming off easily is also something worth waiting for! :)

JMillerFam said...