Monday, May 14, 2012

we did it

While I normally make birthdays a big deal anyway, this year was especially important to Jude.  It is a very real possibility that his new baby bro will have a very close birthday to his and he was pretty intense about having a 'surprise party'  -  when I'd ask him what kind he wanted, every minute he'd change his mind....

So, I decided to go classic: Muppets

Fun, endearing, & timeless.

The only problem I had was finding ANYTHING with muppets at ANY party store.  So, instead of throwing a literally themed party, I went ahead and kept the colors bright & rainbow-esque (The rainbow connection) and stuck with lots of our pal, Kermit.

Saturday morning over breakfast and leftover Kermit punch....we smiled as Jude looked around at his home full of muppet remnants...and I heard what I hoped I would hear from him: "Mommy that was the best party EVER!"

Thanks to dear friends for coming out to surprise him and blessing him with your friendship and meant so much to Joel and I to give him something special before we transition into some pretty major change around here.

Favors: PEZ Dispensers and tattoo mustaches

Favors:  Silly masks for the kids
this little lady melted my husband to mush....we love you, S! 


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Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS! What a great memory for all the kids there!