Monday, May 7, 2012

before the baby cave

When we had Leland, I had completely forgotten about that 'baby cave' you dwell in after the birth of a child.
You're nursing so frequently that there is little time to do anything else besides hang out at home, drink water & snack between feeds.  I remember that feeling of 'Is it even worth it to leave right now?" "What if I have to nurse him again at the gas station?" It just felt so eternally hard and exhausting.

While that season was in November/December....and the weather wasn't as pleasant, I'm still trying to gear up my friendships for that cave I might be in for a little bit.

I am thinking of sweet friends and family that I'd love to catch up with and tell them how much they mean to I switch gears very soon.  I love that I have friends and family who 'get it' and don't think I'm a bad friend for nursing my baby and sleeping whenever I can.  Still, its always been a vital part of my soul to keep up with my inner circle as often as time will allow.

Joel is wrapping up projects and preparing to do lots of grilling out this summer...keeping meals easy & healthy.  I so appreciate how he is 'nesting' in that way too and each morning when he wakes up our 3rd little son with his hands, I am reminded at how lucky this boy is to be 3rd son to such a fantastic Daddy.

Until I enter the cave...I'll keep writing.  After I'm in the cave, I'll simply post some pics of my next little bombshell boy....wait til you hear the name we finally picked...I think you'll like it.

<3 <3

just 32 months ago....when Jude first became a big he's a total pro and is teaching Lee how to do the same.

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Terrica Joy said...

Don't I know that cave well? ;-) I think I'm finally emerging back into the sunlight... but you will most certainly be on my heart and mind ever so often. Know I will be praying. And thinking of you. And rejoicing with you at every turn! <3