Wednesday, May 16, 2012

oh what a night

Do you ever spontaneously do something when you haven't been spontaneous in a while?

We did last night.

It was nice.  I had a makeup trial out by Edgewater park, boys in tow, super duper pregnant and decided it would be the perfect night to picnic together....maybe one of our last times as just us 4.

I wore flats which I NEVER do....kept it comfortable, wore my hair in pig tails hoping it would distract people from the gut and towards the symmetry of my face.  ;-)

We got a pizza.  We got some icy drinks. We watched the water and marveled at the city we get to live in.

Love you your crazy, unpredictable weather and your brilliantly talented people.  It's an honor to raise another little dude here pretty soon.

Happy Wednesday! 
i love how they want to be//walk//stand just like their Dad.
seated beneath a tree.  dinner waiting.

always my curious & observant one

i try to capture his eye lashes whenever possible.  they are perfect.

all was calm
as if Leland is saving a spot for his little bro one day...

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