Wednesday, May 9, 2012

baby boy #3

Ultrasound this morning.

O-M-G - realized that this was the first baby I'd ever had an U/S with at this late stage...and it was WAY different.  Everything seemed giant and that sweet little profile we saw back in January was now squishy baby trying to suck his hands. AH CUTE!

Great news is: He is head down.  I didn't realize how intensely important that was to me until today.  I literally feel like a million pounds lighter - ok not literally - for SURE not literally....but you get it.  A huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  No dilation just yet but his head is engaged and they saw hair and TONS of it in the ultrasound....

To all who prayed, had awesome suggestions for us to get him head down....I really appreciate the time you took to care, click 'Like','re the best. 

It's official...I'm gitty, dreamy and in love already.

Enjoyed makeup shopping with my Mom and Leland afterward....and then a quick snooze with my little guy and as he lay right up against his little brother....just centimeters from one another....

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