Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jude London

To a beautiful son on a beautiful day, we wish you a Happy Birthday!

You came to us as a shock but delivered such joy.
Your little lips pursed so sweetly as you slept in my arms the day you joined us and
made us a family.

We have been overjoyed by your love & kindness toward others, yourself and us.

We can truly say your life has meant more than you will ever realize.  The year you came, we lost someone important to us.  We lost a very close part of our core and our heart but God gave us you to soften that blow and create in us a beautiful place to begin healing.

We watched you turn into a big brother and to this day are ASTOUNDED by your love & patience with that sassy brother called Leland.

It will cause our hearts intense overflow to see you do this again....become a big brother again while showing Leland how to do it as well as you.

It feels like yesterday I held you in my tummy....especially since I am so full of baby brother right now as it is.  It feels JUST like the days and moments before you came.

We love you with all the hugs we can muster and we cherish your every word & observation.  You are the smartest most delightful boy and we could not think of any possible way to be prouder of you....but we know you will continue to make us proud by simply being you.

Happy 7th dear Jude....

Mommy & Daddy

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