Wednesday, February 8, 2012

fat, sick and nearly dead

 Oh goodness - have you seen this documentary yet? 

You probably have. 

You probably are the one who told ME to see it.

Well, I did.

Can I share my thoughts?

First off, if you have not seen it - quick summary: An Australian gentleman with a good bit of weight to lose decides to do a raw juice fast with 100% veggies/fruits and nothing else for 60 days to try and correct some health problems he was recently diagnosed with.  He comes to the states to document his journey and along the way, inspires others.....especially a certain truck driver whose future was very limited because of his obesity, poor diet & lack of information & resources.

What I loved - despite the cheesy illustration & cartoons that are interjected -  was how a story of one man turned into a small revolution that helped kickstart people of all ages to realize this:

FOOD is meant to keep us healthy, not subtract years from living & breathing. 
FOOD can cure ailments that otherwise would require dose upon dose of pills for years....or worse, forever. 

I firmly believe that more knowledge is helpful and I really thought I knew somethings...but wow, this documentary was entirely helpful in showing me how teaching your body to 'go without' for a time can be so so wonderful.

In my extended family alone, we've lost people FAR too early simply because of diet, lack of exercise or just denial of disease that was attacking the body because of a major imbalance of veggies/protein/carbohydrates/sugars, etc.  70% of what is killing the U.S. is entirely preventable.... holy outrage!

All those intense stats aside, I know food is and can be a source of comfort...but it's all in the little changes.  Rewarding your child for good grades or behavior with a great new book, a trip to favorite park....and NOT sugar.  One meal at a meal at a time.....I have to continue to tell myself that as we are a work in progress and not doing all this perfectly....

Ok the rant is complete....on with our lives.

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Sarah Abel said...

LOVE this! I have extended family members who are hooked on their meds that are just masking their symptoms..some of which died from their ailments...I am all about getting to the source and eradicating the problem from there..(Im also lucky tho to have found a doctor who is willing to discuss non-drug options with me) Sometimes the answer can be found in a radical diet change..its worked for me (a hypo-glycemic, borderline hypothyroid, borderline diabetic!)