Wednesday, February 22, 2012

birthing business

I am not sure what is more exciting: Having a baby or having a baby with a bunch of other people pregnant at the same time.
The latter, I think...

The chatter about your ever-changing body, how fantastic everyone's hair, skin & nails appear & just all the kicks....oh Lord, I will always always remember these precious kicks.

After sitting with a friend who is in town and is ALSO pregnant, I had a complete loss of composure. HELLO WATERWORKS!  I mean, it's a total miracle going on in here people!  Baby living, moving & sharing blood//oxygen with me - it's FANTASTICALLY & scientifically intimate.

We are at the 26 week mark and my jaw almost dropped typing that.


We are well past the halfway point and with Spring seemingly on its way, it looks like we'll be able to welcome this baby into a summer of grilling out, laying low, occasionally doing some makeup on gorgeous brides in beautiful gowns while I'm tucking my stomach in spanx.  FANTASTIC!

Excited to watch my Jude turn into a big brother of 2....see my little Leland become a big brother and hopefully not murder the baby in his sleep....and see a little boy walk into a family that is going to gawk and be in awe of his every move & breath....

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