Monday, December 19, 2011

the gift of giving

The older I get the more I enjoy the act of giving.  Perhaps with years on earth comes the basic realization that 'keeping for oneself' is not nearly as refreshing as giving to others. 

The other thing I love almost as much as giving is packaging the gifts so they are special, significant and create a special feeling once given from my hand to theirs. 

To the ladies on my side of the family, I have a special packaging plan.  I must give credit to my obsession over the summer with Aladdins Cuisine for aiding me in finding this adorable little shop in Lakewood. It's called Cosmic Collectibles and it sits just a few doors down from where I would weekly get my Baba Garden Rolled fix in. I have been so excited to see what new things store owner, Robin, brings in.  I am in love with the dressers, vintage chairs, mirrors (which I've already nabbed one and it's on my wall as we speak) & all at reasonable prices. 

One of my most recent purchases were a stack of adorable vintage strawberry back to who knows when.  These adorable boxes are a perfect square & ideal for the gifts that fit inside.  Instead of covering the gingham print & illustration of strawberries with wrapping paper, I simply tied with bakers twine & added a colorful tag.  

Can you guess what's inside?


RachelNoah627 said...

Jessica-- i really enjoy your blog! I'm really into the presentation of giving as well! Though you wouldn't be able to tell this year. I just had my first child and getting back into my creative flow is somewhat challenging these days! By the way -- My name is Rachel. I was an intern with you and Joel. He played guitar w/ my bro Ben Clark's worship team and I was the back up vocal if you or he can recall!

Judy V. said...

I LOVE these! I love anything retro and have been slowly turning my kitchen back in time. These boxes are adorable!

JMillerFam said...

Rachel - totally remember you! congrats on baby!!! SO wonderful to hear from you!