Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a beautiful season

Can we just shout hip hip hooray for a fantastic wedding season?

I can't tell you how many brides I nearly cried with this year due to such gorgeous families & beautifully woven family histories.  I consider it a huge honor to be present during the hours when Dads see their little girl become a bride...Mothers help dress their daughters...sisters offer support and encouragement.

While my role simply lies around doing the makeup, I find the energy that fills a bride room completely compelling.  I always think back to my wedding day.  Every. Time.

Many thanks to my awesome mentor and company owner, Kimberly!  I am excited that we not only share a love for bridal makeup....but we are also sharing pregnancy together as our due dates are only about 5 weeks apart.  Want to book us for next year?  You might see us with babies in our makeup extra charge!

Happy Wednesday Friends....
 photo courtesy of lovely & talented Suzanne Cofer of Suzuran Photography
 photo courtesy of ZMedia's talented Dan & April O'Keefe

the last 2 photos courtesy of ZMedia's Owners & fantastic photographers: Chris & Julie First 

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