Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a beautiful soul

Yesterday was an intense day as we said goodbye with the entire Miller side of the family to the sweetest lady ever.  The funeral was sweet & loving....Joel and his brother sang a few of her favorite songs and that is something she had specifically requested.  

Something I loved about their memory of her was this particular table of photographs of family who had already gone on before her.  She had lost her daughter a few years back, her late husband several years ago & Matt (Joel's brother/her grandson) and all their photos were displayed.  It was also beautiful to see the bible that Joel's parents had bought her years and years ago on the table opened to the chapter about a wife of noble character (Proverbs 31), what an honor to have that be your page on the day of your funeral. 
Grandma Mary on the left, Joel's brother Matt pictured on the right and the bible below opened to Proverbs 31.

Joel's Grandmother was the quintessential Grandma type.  The type that loved cuddling and reading books and kissing babies and rubbing prego bellies and telling stories and caring for little ones and enjoying the noise that children make rather than being bothered by it.  Her voice was so soft and sweet and I will never forget when she met our youngest, how much he took her back to when Joel was that little tender age and would spend lots of time at her house. 

I may not have known her as long but when you are the 'outlaw' coming into a family, you remember when you are accepted and loved just like those related by blood.  She was the very best at that.  I remember Joel introducing me to her when we were just dating and thinking 'Gosh is she the cutest Grandma ever?"  She loved Joel so much and when he was little, she'd always call him 'lovebug' because of how much he loved on her. 

Whenever I catch myself calling my boys that name, I will most definitely smile and think of her and how she is no longer in pain but delighting in the peace of God.  

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