Friday, December 16, 2011

breathing a little easier

Tomorrow marks my 16th week in this pregnancy.

I am both shocked that we're already to this point and amazed that all has gone so smoothly.

It was when I was 15wks and 5 days that I lost my 2nd and ever since then I have a hard time relaxing until I hit that 16wk mark.  It's just SO far along and the bonding is already too deep.

Having friends who have lost babies later, lost multiples, or had just makes you wonder how much can the heart truly tolerate?

There is still a little place in me that wonders every day what life would be like if those little feet pattered about the house....he'd be 3 now.

Instead, though, I relax a little bit more today than I have in the last 4 months resting assure that all is well....occasional flutters remind me that life has begun and when I'm tired, I rest.  (something more women need to learn to do)  Walking into a weekend that will be both exciting and relaxing.  Looking ahead to some alone time, some time with Joel and some time with sweet friends.  Hope you are looking ahead and not looking back during this season.  So much good is in store.
I treasure this little pic of baby Sam....taken Sept 27, 2007. 

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