Thursday, December 1, 2011

crop bistro & bar

Joel works in Ohio City and has for over 4 years now...

I remember meeting him down there for lunch from our home in the burbs and it was somewhat tricky on where to eat and we'd often just eat at the same spot over and over....especially because a ton of our favorites down there are only open for dinner or late into the evening.
ahem....Bar Cento.....hint hint....

When Crop Bistro & Bar started their renovation of the former United Bank Building, which sat vacant for so terribly long....I remember thinking, 'Geesh, they are going to utilize this entire space?"


This space is not only so beautifully restored and gorgeous but the food is just so wonderful and reasonably priced.  We ate lunch there today and enjoyed such a delicious meal & in addition to that we were given dessert on the house: Salted Caramel Affogato - might just be the dessert I'd select if it were my last night on 

I think the space is something you will spend hours talking about and then you will STOP talking once your food arrives....  

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