Thursday, August 18, 2011

so close

Well, we're 40 days out from the big trip to Ireland.

I've been ALL OVER THE PLACE lately. I feel like I'm juggling so many things and occasionally I'm dropping the ball on major & minor items.

I would love for someone to show me how they juggle 2 part time jobs, kids, household, cooking for 2 different diets, grocery shopping, laundry, actually spending time those kids, oh and yeah, and keeping up a beautiful know, without resorting to being a Mom on Meth.

I am also feeling like a loser friend these days - cancelling playdates & such due to working or whatnot. It's just tough. If I could get paid to be a stellar friend, that'd be what I'd pick!

the one area I feel like I'm NOT losing out in is in the area of exercise. Honestly, this is the LONGEST time (not including highschool sports of course) where I've maintained a 4x/week exercise routine. It's TRULY just a part of my life and I find myself freaking out a little when I forget to sneak in a workout.

I'm 11lbs away, guys. eleven pounds away from my lowest all time adult weight (pre kids OF COURSE) and I'm hoping to get there by the time I step foot on Irish soil.

Here we so close!

BTW-HUGE Shout out to all of you who have been cheering me on, offering authentic compliments, and to my husband who always makes me feel like a super model.

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