Monday, August 22, 2011

hello lover

You know what I love?

I love walking into a store just passing the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon and finding something that I've been HUNTING down for nearly 6 months.

H&M you are sometimes so positively boring with little that inspires me and at other times, you are the very answer!

Another little thing I love is popping into a boutique you just happened to be parked near....and finding a lovely little emerald green bag to take to know because it's green & lovely.

35 days folks. 35 days.

PS - have i mentioned how positively horrific and carrot-like I look in my passport photo? ah.....

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Judy Vlietstra said...

I am so excited for your trip to the Emerald Isle! My Grandmother on my Mother's side was full blooded Irish, red hair and all! Phil's sister and her hubby were there last summer and positively adored it! I have several Irish sweaters that came from Ireland that I bought from QVC. The prices in Ireland are extremely high but QVC of course buys in quantity and the representative from Aran Craft explains what each stitch means and where it was handcrafted. He tells you the whole story behind the sweater with that lovely Irish accent. I was hooked! My SIL did buy an Irish Hat and scarf that she paid a fortune for but it is gorgeous! They thought it was one of the loveliest places they had been so enjoy! (I am green with envy!) lol