Friday, August 19, 2011

a room

Joel and I had made a somewhat impulsive trip to IKEA last weekend.

We decided that it was time to replace our creaking bed & worn dresser with broken drawers with a fresh new modern set.

Our room, already painted in mustard with white molding & trim, isn't huge.

Ideally, we needed furniture that would be slim, sleek & help give us space. The Hemnes line from IKEA was the ticket.

We purchased art work for 2 of the walls - one wall, however, remains bare & in need of something.

I woke up this morning thinking - I KNOW! - A map. A map of Dublin brought home in our luggage and framed for over our bed. To remind us of a trip we took together that we 'needed' - yes I am speaking as if we've already gone. The thing is I know that this trip was sorta 'meant to be'.

After a Top Thrill Dragster kind of decade together....filled with lots of things, I can honestly say this is the first year we haven't held each other through pretty major tragedy. I feel no guilt in wanting to remember how great 2011 has been....especially on this trip with my love.

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