Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a conversation documented

Jude began 1st grade.

So natural. So ready.

I already adore his teacher who is reminding me of Laura Ingalls Wilder a bit....so kind & soft in her tone yet really high-energy.

I'm trying to get used to the early wake ups & eating breakfast WAY earlier than we normally do. This little convo took place over a bowl of oatmeal flakes....it just makes me smile.

Jude: Mommy, what are you doing?

Me: Trying on these pants to see if they fit. I'm trying to lose the last few pounds of baby weight.

Jude: Why?

Me: Because it doesn't look good on me. It looks better on babies.

Jude: Mommy, you know what we need around here?

Me: What?

Jude: Another baby....you need to give us one more.

Me: Really? Why do you say that?

Jude: I just want a different kind this time. A more different one than Leland.

Me: What kind do you want???

Jude: A sister....and lets call her "Ashla"



Unknown said...

LOVE this!!! SUCH a cutie you have there Jess! He's an amazing big brother....

Judy Vlietstra said...

Such a sweetheart. Made me smile over my coffee. He really is quite the thinker!

JMillerFam said...

Thanks guys - I'm super duper in love with my men!