Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a convo with Jude

I recently sat down with Jude a few weeks back to discuss how great it is for our bodies when we fill up with vegetables instead of sugary sweets.

I told him how healthy his muscles would get and that he would continue to get big & tall if he had a balanced diet without too many sweets.

The conversation took a sweet little turn...

JUDE: So, if I eat healthy, I will get bigger?

ME: You sure will. The sweet foods are for special treats.

JUDE: Will I get as big as Daddy?

ME: Absolutely! You will get big muscles like Daddy and will be able to work hard like Daddy does.

JUDE: So does everyone get bigger as they get older?

ME: Yes! From the time you are born, as you eat healthy, you get bigger and bigger.

JUDE: Well, then why are you only getting smaller, Mommy?


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