Friday, December 17, 2010

unforgettable gift

I have been meaning to write this blog for a while now.

I'm such a fickle gift-receiver.
I like too many things and then I feel like..."Geesh, the money could really go towards (Insert something practical & unfestive here) "

I like jewelry but feel like when I have little ones, I worry about it being tangled, lost or broken.
I love clothing but I'm so funny about how things fit - so I always prefer to pick it out myself.
I love perfume but that is just SUCH a hard one to pick out for someone else.

I got a gift over the Thanksgiving holiday from my sister.  (I should use the term 'inlaw' after but I choose not to as she is really truly more of a sister than an 'inlaw)

See, this little blog you're reading right now.  It's intention was not really much more than a record of the happenings of our little family.  Perhaps out of towners could catch up, have a laugh, or simply understand us better. 

My sister took this little blog to a new level and put together a gift I will forever cherish.

In fact, I've gotten notes & emails from dozens of people telling me..."You should publish that blog...I think people would buy it!"  Well, that is certainly not in my plans. 

But, my dear sister took it upon herself to have my blog published and put in a hard-back book form.

I opened the gift in the kitchen with her...pulled out this shiny blue book....saw our familys photo on the cover and then I saw..."The Miller family blog" - tears welled up in my eyes.  She gave me one of the few gifts that I loved so much that I couldn't contain the tears.

I flipped through the pages - she had cut/pasted each and every word onto the pages - included photos and all.  I read through some of the memories I had with my sons and I sat there 'remembering' - the tears didn't stop.

If I think of a gift and what its purpose is to have.  I think of this gift.  It made me remember, smile, be grateful and cry all at the same time.

Thanks sis.  I love you.

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