Monday, December 13, 2010


They say when you have another child you will be amazed at how different they are. 
All we heard from the moment Leland was born was how much he looked JUST LIKE Jude. 

Lately, however, not only do we see his physical differences but his personality is night/day from his brother. 

Jude has always been my sweet/tender child. 
Leland is too but he is, in reality, a wildman
He's like a caveman in a baby suit.

Joel and I laugh constantly at this child who tries to fit in the smallest spaces, 
rip wood apart, or bust through doors with the strength he thinks he has.

Up until we put up our Christmas tree, Leland has been obsessed with the dishwasher. 
He liked to pull the silverware out and bang on a pot. 
He also enjoyed attempting to get into the dishwasher like it was a ride at Cedar Point. 

Lately, all you hear at our house is..."Leland NO NO!!!  Leland NO NO NO"  
"Leland, don't touch the Christmas touch NO TOUCH!" 

Today, I didn't say those words loud enough. 
My little Leland went after the ornament that always captures his attention. 
The ornament I've been moving UP on the tree so that it wouldn't be a temptation to him anymore.
It was the little 'acoustic guitar' ornament.
He went after it today. 
He put it in his little hand and when I said, "NO LELAND!" 
He PULLED that ornament and the entire tree toppled over onto him. 

I felt bad for him as his little cries coming from under the tree were so very sad & pitiful.
Then, once he stopped crying and held onto me. 
I looked at him and said, "Leland, that was NAUGHTY!" 
His little lip quivered and he buried his head into my arm. I think he felt really bad. 

The tree is back up. 
The needles have been swept.
I re-watered. 
All is well. 
I will always be reminded of my sweet & mischievous Leland whenever I see that little guitar ornament.

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