Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Joel and I have had many many many discussions about facebook.  Does it really serve a purpose.  Is it purely for narcissistic people?  Is it a tool for arrogance?

My argument is and will always be that facebook can be different things for different people.  To some, its a way to promote a band/business/relationship/charity and the list goes on and on.  To me, it's a community and a way to unveil who I am while hoping to know who you are.  I feel like the strongest purpose we have on earth is to be known and loved and then to also know others and love others.

While Joel may never be on facebook, as it is clearly not something he values, I appreciate the many FB friends who contribute to the inspiration that is everywhere.  In fact, I decided to dedicate this post to the top 5 most entertaining FB friends.  If you didn't make the top 5, don't be offended.  There is always next year.  haha (Like I'm any kind of judge....)

Here is to you starting at ....

#5:  Christa Hladky - Girl, your posts both make me laugh til I wet my pants and make me cry until I'm motivated to change.  Your humility and honesty about the struggles and triumphs you face make me want to read more.  Keep Writing, friend....keep writing.

#4: Christine Wisnieski - Lady -  your posts always inspire me to want to demonstrate creativity through gestures, culinary love and style.  Oh and your blog - divine!

#3: Lauren Hummel - Honey - you just plain ole crack me up - your wit, your sarcasm, it hits the spot!  I kinda can't wait to know you better my friend....and then we can say your status updates helped build a friendship.  haha!

#2: Rachel Lindgren - oh girl, I can't count the # of times I have had to simply close the lid of my laptop and just laugh and laugh.  Your posts are fabulous and you have also been SO instrumental in our lives through advice....first, when we bought our new car and you were working at a dealership and gave us all the INSIDER SCOOP....and then when we refi'd our house and you happened to be working at a mortgage company - thanks for helping us to save $200/month! 


The spot for #1 goes to a friend from long long long ago....a friend who was my little partner in crime as a wee one in children's church....congratulations to....

#1 - Gala Copez-Reaves - So, basically, I read your posts to my husband and we sit and keep on scrolling because you are the most sassy, hilarious, but at the same time 'down to earth' girl we know!  I love all the posts on the funny things in parenting we all face....(i.e. Phineas & Ferb watching whether your kids are there or not - woot woot!) 

Congrats peeps - hope this made ya smile - thanks for making ME smile all the time!

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Gala said...

I needed a pick me up and came back to read this. Thank you lady! Lots of love and happy birthday!!