Wednesday, December 15, 2010

to write

Writing is so powerful. 
From Jude    Two Mommy

I've always felt something incredibly powerful happen once I allow my emotion and expression to come out in written form.  I sometimes understand my emotions and manage them better once I can read them.

Tonight, I saw something that truly touched me. 

I saw my son write.  I read what his little heart intended to communicate.  I understood him a bit better. 

Joel & I just joined a gym.  We have been going somewhat frequently.  The kids go to a play room divided into ages.  Both my boys love it and look forward to going. 

On our way there tonight, Jude told me he was excited because they have movies there.  I encouraged him to move his body and be active while he had a kid-size bball court and tons of other kids to play with.  He nodded.  

I worked out.  

I got my stuff from my locker.  

I got my kids and bundled them up. 

Jude had made something while he was at play land.  He had made 'Christmas Presents' for us all to put beneath the tree.  He made me swear not to peek.  On the way home, he kept asking me, "Mommy, how do you spell Leland again?"  "L-E-L-A-N-D, bud" I would reply over and over. 

He got home, raced to the crayons and markers and began to write each of our names on his little handmade gifts.  He may not have written much besides who the gift was for and who it was from but it was the most important thing to my son at the time.  I watched his lips purse as he carefully spelled out "TWO DADDY" and "FORM JUDE" and just smiled at his tenacity to communicate his love to us. I asked him why he was so excited to give them to us.  He simply said, "It's so fun to make stuff and then watch you open it, Mommy."  

He totally gets it.

I know what gift I'm most excited to open.
Two Daddy    From Jude

Two Leland    From Jude


Matt and Sarah said...

This is simply precious.

JMillerFam said...

thanks! I thought so too - thanks for reading!