Monday, December 20, 2010

big brothers

As an only child, I'm constantly fascinated in the relationship between my sons.

It's altogether beautiful & hysterical.

A few conversations between Jude & Leland have made it into my mind as a few I hope to remember so I must write them down.

Jude has been helping us out a ton (esp on Sunday mornings) when we're trying to just get out the door, boots & hats on, etc.  It's such a production.  Gone are the flips flops & tank tops and now it's like 45 minutes of 'gearing up'

We noticed that Leland will be fine as long as his brother is playing with him or alongside him.  Jude asked if he could 'babysit' him up in his room and I decided to give him a chance.  I would go up and quietly listen to ensure no harm was befalling my 13 month old.  All I heard was laughter...sounds of block towers falling down and rebuilding again. 

Just this morning, Jude 'babysat' and I prepared & brought breakfast up to them for a special 'Breakfast in Bed' morning.  Well, Jude decided to tell me that he was playing 'Pretend Trap' with Leland.  I asked how does that go?  He simply said this:

"I just take a blanket and trap Leland." Jude says with a proud smile.

"hmm...does Leland like that?"  I respond.

"He LOVES it, Mom. Well....he sometimes will cry & won't like it so then I untrap him and then he loves it. " 

I guess this is the world of a little brother.  ;-)

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JoElla said...

i simply can not wait for that very same thing to take place in our home! gavin already has done something similar with poking at his younger brother! so precious!