Monday, July 12, 2010

to wean or not to wean.....

So one of my prayers to the big guy in the sky....was to be able to successfully breastfeed Leland.  Among the 10 other 'special requests', this one and ALL rest of them have been answered!  I honestly have had such a beautiful mothering/birthing/feeding experience with Leland.

And then last week happened.

All of a sudden, it appears we're on a nursing strike.  We're doing great....and now Lee's fussing like a 7-day old newborn again.

It was nuts.  He might be teething....He might have a little cold.  All I know is my supply is lessening....and he is needing fluids by bottle (which he readily takes) 

I'm trying to decide whether to keep at it with the pumping...the tricking him into nursing....dealing with the multiple wake ups in the night & hoping to GOD it's a phase....or starting to supplement him and nursing less often....or weaning altogether.

It's more of an emotional decision because I'm not sure if he's IT. My last baby or not.  What if this is the last time I'll do this....

Tough choice....tough choice indeed. 

I'm going at least one more week and seeing how things go.  I hear that the 8th month is especially a tough time for nursing...and very common for 'strikes' so we'll go with it....and see what happens! 

Would love to hear your stories...advice....suggestions! 

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We Are the Reuwers said...

Jess it is always worth pushing through. Good job on doing it girlie. Where ever you find peace in this and all decisions is where the right decision is. DOn't overthink it, trust you and Lelands bond and God's hand and timing it all. I know you are and will make the best choice for all of you. God has chosen you for Leland, so you are the BEST for him and will know clearly what is Best for him and you. Love you!