Saturday, July 17, 2010

just sit next to me

Do you remember when you had friends or cousins over?  The excitement...the anticipation...

One thing I find so funny is how it mattered all the time who sat next to me.  It was like THE most important decision when sitting down to a meal with friends.  It was also massively important if there was a cute boy sitting near me at school. 

Fast forward a decade or two.  I am now watching my son put all his care and concern about who is sitting to his right and left. 

Ironically, I am learning something about these two boys of mine.  They really enjoy just having someone near them.  Jude could be watching a movie....totally enthralled...but he will enjoy it a little more if I'm sitting next to him.  He could be zoning out in a game of Super Mario Galaxy but if I'm next to him, he has a little more fun. 

Watching Leland go from baby blob to sitter/crawler, I am seeing the same thing.  He doesn't need to be oogled and held at every waking moment.  He doesn't need baby blocks built for him each time he sits to play.  He just wants someone next to him.

Perhaps one of the times this became especially apparent was while I had my hands in dough...sticky sticky dough-while making cinnamon rolls.  I put Leland down with some of his favorite toys.  He was happy as could be....I got to my cinnamon-rolls and he started to fuss.  I heard his fusses turn to cries.  I proceeded to wash my hands so I could get to him...and realized he calmed down and started to play happily again.

I walked into the living room quietly (so he wouldn't see me there) and noticed nothing had changed...'cept his big brother sat next to him.  *proud mommy*

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