Friday, July 9, 2010


A dear friend of mine and I are enjoying a busy wedding season doing makeup on lovely brides...moms of brides....maids of honor....etc.

I am consistently inspired by this genre of creativity.  The face....the eyes...the 2 the same - giving the artist the opportunity to create a canvas that is unique everytime.  I feel like I view women differently now. 

We can all remember a time we felt less than beautiful.  I remember it after having Jude.  Realizing what had just happened to my tummy.  Seeing the broken blood vessels on my face.  Looking at the tiredness in my eyes.

Yet many women live daily in that place...never feeling beauty can exist on their person.  I am so sad by this.  Perhaps this is why I am enjoying the moment....after 20 minutes of applying color, shade and glam....I get to turn her around and watch her love herself the way she was designed to. 

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