Sunday, July 25, 2010

a trip to pittsburgh...just the 2 of us

It's insane what happens to you after having a baby.  Not only does your body change dramatically - but your marriage is forced into the ultimate adjustment.  Leland's birth was altogether wonderful...yet the addition of a new life is also so so so exhausting.  Combine THAT with a crazy busy design year for Joel and it makes for 2 people living in a house that barely see one another. 


We remedied that this was just us.  Boyfriend & Girlfriend. Hand-holding. Movie-watching. Window-shopping.  Actual Shopping.  Dreaming.  Laughing.  Eating. 

It was JUST what we needed.  And yet...while we enjoyed the freedom we had without kids to care for, it made us so excited to see those little guys again.

Thanks to my sweet friends and family for the wonderful birthday's to hoping 29 is as fantastic as 28!

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