Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new day; new perspective

after a night of crying my little eye balls out, I've decided to keep at this breastfeeding thing!  It is what I love and I am going to work for it.  (Part of the crying may have been because I watched Toy Story 2 with Jude last night and forgot about this little song....oy!)  Who wouldn't cry after seeing THAT scene?

Ironically, Lee had NO probs whatsoever with the last 3 feeds since my last post - maybe my blogging is somehow connected to my milk supply! ;-)

Anyway, I know you women out there understand....it's emotional.  it's terrifying.  it's beautiful.  it's a mess. 

Whatever this might be...nursing strike....teething...whatev.  We'll get through it...

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Amie said...

Just when you go and think you have your babies figured out, they go an surprise you! I am sooooo happy for you that things are looking better. Jackson would do that every now and then. But he always went back to normal. We hit a few rough patches in the last 4 months (I nursed him until he turned one, and then he completely weened himself.) I think they are slowly starting to learn independence, walking, solid foods- so may exciting new things! It makes it harder for them to sit still to eat, they want to look around! I would try out new positions, and that helped a bit. Just keep pumping to keep up your supply. I also found this wonderful hot tea for nursing moms that is supposed to increase your supply. Here is the link. I found it at a local health food store....


Whatever ends up happening with how much longer you nurse Leeland, he is one lucky little guy! Look at the beautiful gift you have given him this long! Be proud of yourself, Jessica!!!