Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weight Loss Baby!

So....its that time of year....every other commercial is one about losing weight and I am SO motivated to get rid of this weight so when summer time arrives, I'm not hanging out in stretchy pants anymore.

My Dad, Joel and I have a competition:

First one to knock off 20Lbs wins $100! I am on day 4 of the diet and am down 4lbs! yay! My Dad probably is down 5-6 at this point...so I have to kick it into high gear.

My plan is this:

30 minutes of cardio daily (whatever it can be!)
High Fiber Breakfast
120oz of water daily
NO: Meat, White Flour or Sweets
Dinner is mainly veggies with a snack of fruit before bed

It's intense....but the other GREAT benefit is I am breastfeeding my now 2 month old....which they say burns 300-500 calories per day. As long as I can keep my protein up via eggs, peanut butter, almonds, I should not have to worry about my supply. Although, I am keeping close watch....

So....here we go!

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