Wednesday, January 13, 2010

could they be more different?

The first thing people tell me when they meet Leland is "Oh my goodness, he looks JUST LIKE JUDE!" They are very right about that. These boys have such similar facial characteristics, it's unreal. The way their lips purse, the unique chins they both have, and even how their cheeks are shaped...not to mention their coloring.

It's fun for me, however, in the day-to-day to notice the differences in them:

Jude was the fussiest baby on the block
Leland is the happiest baby on the block

Jude refused to breastfeed
Leland is ALL about it

Jude wanted to be held, bounced, rocked, walked
Leland appreciates alone time

Jude slept through the night at 9wks
Leland....hmm...any day now???

Jude smiled here and there at this age (10wks)
Leland smiles at a pair of socks being folded

Jude was frustrated by crazy sounds, normal sounds, any sounds
Leland LOVES stimuli by sight and sound (He will swing while his dad plays piano for 30 minutes)

I love their differences...I am learning to expect the unexpected. What an adventure this is!

Jude @ 12wks, Leland @ 8wks


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

it really is amazing how alike they look. esp when i see my girls and they look NOTHING alike. weird how that happens. they're both handsome boys though. and as far as their differences...hannah and liv are so diff than eachother at almost everything. it's crazy!

JMillerFam said...

girl, your babies look SO much alike and both of them like you too. I see Matt in them as well....but golly, you can definitely tell they are yours. People must think I'm just babysitting with these blondies!