Friday, January 15, 2010

I might be psycho...but I'm not getting sick

So I feel bad. I've been sort of treating Jude like a leper. He's had this nasty cough/cold/snotty/fever/icky thing....stayed home from school all week...he was sick enough to miss "Hat Day" at school. What is hat day you ask? It's one of the coolest days ever in which you can pick the craziest hat and wear it all day. Yeah...and he willingly told me he was too sick for hat day. I knew he was not faking it. we are at home: Jude - sick as can be. Leland - cute and cuddly. Me - psychotic mother who is disinfecting everything including the keys I'm typing this on. I even kept Jude to one part of the living room all week while Leland was on the other. I have been downing Vitamin C like it's my breakfast/lunch/dinner and drinking more water than I can contain. I.CANNOT.GET.SICK!

I hardly will I get better if I hardly ever sleep? The worst part is I think Joel is getting it. It really makes me want to start early next fall with immunity building supplements. Not sure if we're just getting older or what (Joel will be 30 in June) but we just cannot fight off cold/flu one episode after the other.

So...anyway off lysol the counter knobs...keyboard again....etc etc.

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