Monday, January 18, 2010

the competition!

Joel and I are on a mission...somehow 20-30lbs creeped up on us...and we're done with it. We are ready to pull out the 'skinny' clothes and wear them loud and proud. Funny because Joel, being a very healthy and slender individual, is really dieting for the first time. It's interesting as I've dieted a bajillion times that it's SO much easier when you have a partner at it....

We got a new piece of workout's in the basement....and a friend gave it to us. I am sad to say I have yet to try it but boy oh boy, my hubby is kickin' it hard! He even did sit-ups this morning at 6am!

I look ahead at the warmer months coming (even though it doesn't seem like it) and I refuse to allow them to come without me giving the effort to feel good about myself again. Fertility drugs, pregnancy....does a number on your body. It's time to be ME again...

I'm down 5lbs so far....Joel has yet to weigh himself so we'll be posting the results asap!

Wish us luck!

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