Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a night with my little man....

You know having a 2nd child means alot.

A division of labor unlike Joel and I have ever known.

A ton of time spent with one while you are guilt-ridden about cartoons on for the other.

Energy-lacking at every part of the day - yet you are still expected to build lego towers...make 3 meals + snacks every day....snuggle and read books...all while nursing new baby for 45 minutes at a time and in 1 hour intervals.

It's been quite the transition.

So....looking back at the last 11wks, I noticed how selfless Jude had been. Instead of throwing fits or whining for attention, he politely waited or eagerly helped with this new creature we call Leland. It was a beautiful transition....everyone kept telling me, 'Just wait...he's going to be throwing toys at baby's head out of jealousy!' I am still waiting....

So, last night we started the tradition of Mom/Jude date nights. He gets to pick where we go, what we do, and HE gets to pay for me. (care of Daddy's wallet, of course) Here are the pics of our movie night out to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"

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