Monday, January 11, 2010

a moment

Yesterday we were at church...doing our thing. I was waiting for the clock to say 10:50am so I could check Jude into his class....get someone to hold Leland...and go sing with Joel for worship. All of a sudden...when I handed the baby off, his warm little body leaving such a warming sensation on my neck. I took Jude's hand....he smiled and said, "Is it time for my class?" I nodded and then realized how big his hand felt in mine. I noticed how we walked in a similar pace...and he spoke to me so clearly and eloquently. I began to realize that these last 2 months in newborn-land, Jude really grew up.

He took on a new role that I hadn't prepared myself for. He was turning into a little boy...not a toddler and just barely a preschooler...he was growing and maturing.

I enjoy that nestle of Leland's head in my neck, his goofy toothless grin, and the piggy sound he makes when he is hungry....but I am trying to take those moments and also look over to the young man who is growing faster than ever. Perhaps it's the mystery of having more than one do I capture both the moments as they do I write it all down and take photos of it all? What if I forget...I guess that is why we write, we re-tell the stories that make us...and we strive to live a life of gratitude for things in life that are priceless.

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Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

ain't that the truth? i've been writing for 4 years now, writing all of hannah's life down that i can. it's true...once the new one comes you realize how big the oldest one is. esp when we have age gaps like we do.