Thursday, April 19, 2012


Nearing 34 weeks - with a mere 6 weeks or less til we meet you. 

You're silly in there. You move about at strange times.  You wake up when Daddy's alarm sounds and when you're up, you're up. 

You're the littlest brother and your big bros are gearing up for you best they can understand how.  

We're trying to create a comfy spot for you and know you will fit it just right.  Our house is not large.  Our cars are not expensive.  Our family vacations are simple.

I know those things will not matter in the least.  You will simply need.  Need alot.  I am excited to be your Mom, be who you need.  I am also thrilled to watch you slip into line with 2 of the most handsome and charming sons a Mom could imagine having. 

Our love is rich.  Our marriage is cared for.  Our home is ready. 

I thought of you last night - the lessons you will teach me.  You're my third son, my surprise, my gift. I'm anticipating that euphoric moment where our eyes meet and that cry is first heard.  I can picture what you might look like...and how I will instantly be in love.  

For now I simply pray that you are healthy and strong and growing.  I pray you will enter this world in safety.  While I've not gotten all the details together of your every possible material need, I am ready to love you, feed you, hold you, and sing to you.  I know those are the basics and we look forward to lavishing you with love. 

Your brothers are coloring you pictures. 
Your Daddy is working hard so he can have sweet time with you. 
I'm enjoying these moments that are just ours for now. 
I want to never forget how you move, what you respond to and how it feels to grow along with you. 

Every Mommy to be complains a bit about the process but truly, it's such an honor to house you. To know you so closely yet still wonder who you are. 

We await.  We pray.  

Loving you so much already...

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Charissa Steyn said...

Just found your blog today from Terrica ;) loved your post about your little one!! so so sweet. I am right behind you at 18 weeks ;) Time is flying!!!Can't believe it! But you are right...what an honor to "house" them :)