Thursday, April 12, 2012

slowin' it down....

Ended a 2 year mini-career working a part time job for my church last week. While it was a blessing of a position, I am so eager to get back to domestic living once again.  That position combined with the random makeup & bridal world was turning into close to 25-32 hours per week. With 8 weeks left in this pregnancy and the energy levels only decreasing, I am glad to have WAY less on my plate.

Already noticing my home is different.
Already noticing that we've had a homecooked meal every night this week.
Laundry is caught up and the house isn't tornado-esque right now.

Amazing when life comes into balance and you make choices that allow for downtime, laughter & sincere moments you'd otherwise be paying someone else to have with your children.  (As a Mom who has worked outside the home, sometimes this can't be avoided and that sacrifice is beautiful too!)

I'm savoring these moments with my 2nd, Leland.  He's under the assumption that we ALL have babies in our bellies (himself included) and the reality will most certainly set in come June.  I'm just enjoying him, letting him cuddle a little bit more & letting him enjoy me all to himself.

We've geared up our oldest for the fun summer he and his little brother will have while Mommy focuses on growing the new baby.  Jude wanted to be clear that I'm breastfeeding again (He's a bit of a lactivist himself) and I assured him I would.  He told me he'd play legos with Lee while I would feed the baby or play catch outside.  I love that he's thinking ahead and we're really trying our best to praise him for that act of selflessness.

Hope you're able to make time for downtime....I'm relishing it right now and feeling so grateful.
my sweeties about to go and spend Easter $$$ from Grandma & Grandpa. 

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