Monday, April 16, 2012

just the 4 of us

Our weekends of 'just us 4' are drawing closer to an end.  With a potential 5-7 weeks left before this baby comes, I'm trying to savor.

This weekend was so lovely....instead of paragraph are some photos we took:

Did makeup for this lovely bride on her wedding day - she is the little sis of my BFF from 6th grade....amazing how it still felt like we were all 10-12 years old again.  

Lots of time spent feeling little mister move and move...and Leland tried to touch him through my belly button.  ;-) 

These two spent at least an hour or two 'playing guitars' together.  It became apparent how interested our Lee is into music.  

Jude got to attend a super fun laser tag birthday party with sweet friends - how rad is this cake! 

Making homemade bread made me feel like a good Mom & wife. 

Leland got some 'drum' time in a with a little buddy.  I am enjoying watching his social skills soar. He's turning into a sweet friend. 

Both boys fell in love with a little baby goose our friends are caring for - and have asked at least 4 times if we can get one too.  ;-) 

Sweet weekend - Time with friends - Restful Sabbath 

Hope your Monday is off to a lovely start!  We're washing itty bitty baby clothes today. ;-) 

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