Thursday, March 1, 2012


Ever since the arrival of the iphone 4S, I've neglected my sweet Nikon and hidden inside were some images that made me smile.

No longer trapped....I give you:
L: Christmas Tree Hunt at the greatest tree farm ever....just made me smile when I thought to the sunshine on our backs, the perfect tree so easy to spot & how there will be just enough room for baby boy #3 next November...

R: Sweet Leland enjoying the back patio on an unusually warm day in December

 These 2 giving me the stink eye at Sweet Moses (the new sweet spot in the Gordon Square Arts District) While I recall having lovely family time, what I remember most was their vegan peanut butter milk shake that changed my life that day.
I love that our boys love our little house....and to them, it isn't little at all.  It's juuuuust right!

This man is entirely hilarious, sometimes very serious, at times pensive & inward and at other times the life of the party.  He really is such a mix of Joel and I.

Always brothers...always best friends.  And I tell them this often (typically while Joel grins at me for being a tad dramatic) 

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