Monday, March 5, 2012

a junk food minute

If you know me well, it's been over a year since I made a huge diet change.

One that simply started with a test.  A test to see if there was a way around medicating endometriosis.

It worked.

24lbs really worked.

Girl who formally was prepped for fertility aid in conceiving gets pregnant by surprise.

Well, this past weekend....I took a short break off the health food in order to try Sweetie Fry.  A little place near our home that a friend told me about last summer.

It's simple really.  French Fries & Ice Cream/Sorbet.

Except that its really really good french fries and 'almost as good as Jeni's" Ice Cream!  To those who know Jeni's....that is saying A LOT!

Joel ordered the pepperoni pizza fries - imagine pizza - instead of crust, add fries.  ha!
Lee and I stuck with the basic Waffle & Sea salt fries.

It was such a wonderful little memory - kids eating food for dinner we normally don't....just for some fun!  HIGHLY recommend if you want a little 'out of the ordinary' treat.  ;-)

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