Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st!!!

It's March 1st.

How is everyone doing on those resolutions this year?

Ours were simple: DO LESS, SAY NO, & SAVE MONEY

Do less working (unless it was what we wanted to work on)
Do less obligatory & unnecessary things
Say NO to things that would infringe on family or personal time
Start to really get back to stewarding our finances in a way that will put us ahead.

The process of nesting is obviously in full force and helps all of these naturally.  However, I'm amazed at the difficulty it can be to really 'do less'

You have to be OK with that feeling of potentially disappointing have to decide its OK that you may not attend every social function that comes around....but with this season of newborn world only 3 months away, I'm thrilled to say we're sticking with it making way for our sweet son to fit in our busy world.

We are gearing up for a great year of opportunity & hope.  With a new baby coming, its obvious we have family dynamics to expect change & newness.  I do remember the hard times but I am SO looking ahead to the sweet moment watching 'my 3 sons' really connect with one another, hold hands walking to the park while I hold a sweet-smelling lad at my chest.  I'm excited to see Joel move into full-on wrestle mode with the 2 older while I get some bonding in with my newbie.  There is just so much to make room for and its worth it.

Do you find it hard to say NO?
Do you find it difficult to choose not to spend that extra money on a starbucks treat each morning?

We've been doing fabulously at saving and really choosing what we'll save for.  A new car is in our future and I'm thrilled it will be paid off by the time we drive it off the lot.  We work hard NOW and make those tougher decisions so that later on....the ease will come.

Hope you are sticking to what you hoped to accomplish.  For now, if I home-cook 4 nights per week, keep up with my home & cleaning & serve Joel with all my heart....I'm good.  The rest falls into place.

Hugs & Smiles this beautiful March morning....I think I hear birds chirping....
day dreaming about this sweet moment 3 months from now....

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Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

Warn me before you post pics like that. You're making me want another one!