Wednesday, March 14, 2012

art of preparation

I am completely walking into mama bird nesting mode. I have to just laugh at all we have overcome the last two years and the fact that we are even pregnant right now proves there is such beauty to the miracle of life.

A film Joel and I watched two days ago called 'away we go'really opened my eyes to the art of preparing for a new family member. The film, based on a couple having their first baby, begin their quest at creating the perfect family. Along the way they laugh and cry based on the experiences of friends and colleagues. They travel in search of the home both tangible and intangible to build for baby.
After viewing what seems like a parade of intense parental extremes, they come to the conclusion to use wisdom but in such a delightful and honest way.

This film inspired such real conversation between Joel and myself about this new baby and the miracle that he is - like completely amazing that he's even existing right now. It's is such an honor to prepare for him and to share with my boys how much we love watching them transformed into protectors, playmates, and friends of this new son.

I think it's amazing how when a woman nests in her home, she will move things around, clean and throw out things that needn't be there. The weather is getting warmer. the sun is out longer.
I find myself wanting to throw out more than just old toys are things we don't need. I find myself wanting to remove attitudes and preconceived notions about the way things ought to be. Maybe it's just wisdom over time or bringing in a 3rd child but I feel confident in mothering another son.

Simple love.
Slow made decisions.
Sweet bonding.

Not much else we could ask for.

Baby, none of your clothes are organized or washed yet.
We have not even picked your name.
Your crib isn't yet purchased.  (Your brother broke the one we had)
Your birth plan is yet unwritten. 
Your little baby shoes are buried somewhere. 
What I have ready for you is lots of love, ideas for summer bonding with brothers, 
and lots of books stored up awaiting to read you to sleep.  
You have brothers coloring welcome pictures 
and a Daddy who is excited to have a 3rd son.  
You're so special already and with every kick and punch you dish out, I smile.
I think we have lots of smiling time ahead of us. 

we DO have a new japanese paper garland for your room we bought you in Toronto
and your big bro, Leland, is handing down his favorite alphabet poster.  


Judy V said...

Love your post :). Isn't it so interesting that the more children we have, the more relaxed we become. Remember when Jude was on the way and everything had to be perfect? We all do that but I think by the time your 3 rd child is on the way you have gained enough wisdom to just enjoy every minute of this tiny new being growing inside you and not worry so much about all the other " stuff". It will all get done in due time. In the mean time you can just treasure and enjoy this time of preparation for your new son (and brother)!

JMillerFam said...

Totally Judy! Life is so full as it is with the 2 kids - hard to imagine him fitting but he will and it will be like a glove. ;-)