Monday, March 12, 2012

could we walk a little slower?

This was the question Joel was asked more than a dozen times as we strolled through the streets of Toronto, hand in hand, one dude slowly walking and little wife with the gut waddling along.

"Can you believe this baby has been to Ireland and now Canada?"

We count it a blessing to do this little trip before walking into a summer of newborn love & sleepless nights.  There is just nothing like getting time together to be in bed, watch movies, eat food, shop, sit down, go to the bathroom hourly, etc.

While strolling Dublin quickly in my princess leia boots & shirt dresses was the norm last year, we slowed it down and cared for one another this weekend.  It was good.
L: Hottie hubby R: Me at day 1 of 3rd trimester (28 weeks)

Positively amazed at the power of refreshing another human soul - taking time out to splash water & life into them through affirmation or laughter is nothing short of a day at an 'emotional spa' so to speak.

Speaking of SPA!  This hotel - which we found here for a steal of a deal was unlike any hotel we've stayed in.  Complete with its own meditation channel, healing CDs of music, free incense delivery and bamboo everywhere, we just had to smile at the oasis they intentionally created.  I took advantage of the comfy white robe and we both laughed at how my belly would stick right out of it.
cosmopolitan hotel 
Aside from laughing, we enjoyed furniture shopping & imagining this ridiculous house we hope to create one day....had a blast at the MOCCA (Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art) and saw an installation exhibit that both freaked us out and amused us entirely.  We caught up with a dear friend we hadn't seen in 11 years and tooks lots of breaks, letting these prego legs rest and recuperate from the job they've been doing in carrying around this 3lb chuck roast of a child.

Just so grateful we made the time, didn't overfill the time & took the time to laugh and laugh a lot.  Sweet dose of medicine we needed.
sparkly & glittery Toronto

St. Lawrence Market - a ton like our West Side Market - this place was buzzing with activity at every moment. 

Pasta maker

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alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i adore everything about toronto. everything.

looks like you guys had a great time.