Monday, November 21, 2011

these 2 little men

I'm gearing up for a beautiful Thanksgiving - with my extended family and my little family.

I am a tad excited to just enjoy and not host this year.  I love to entertain but this year we are simply going to relax, get some house projects completed & cut/decorate our tree. 

This weekend was really eye-opening as my sons are starting to develop a certain language in which they speak to one another.  I'm watching their eyes light up at the same things...their giggles are contagious & they are finally able to wrestle without me being all "Be careful with the baby!" 

We are also planning to surprise Jude with a night out (with just his parents and no little bro) to go and see the new Muppet movie.  Not sure who is more excited....Joel or I!

Enjoy your short week  -  a fun new announcement from Jude & Lebe coming Thanksgiving sure to check back! 

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Debi said...

oooo - a teaser! Can't wait to see what is coming...