Monday, November 28, 2011

our home

Every time the seasons change, Joel and I get the itch to change something....

When spring rolled around we installed a new backyard fence and can I just say something that will sound very dramatic?

That fence changed our lives.  

Seriously, gone are the days of me panic-stricken thinking that Lee will wind up getting hit by a car.  Not only is he SUCH a good listener these days and doesn't even run out in the street but that fence gives us added confidence.

Once Autumn came, our focus was on our trip and then when we got home, we had to discuss the fact that our boys would need to become roomies since a new sibling was on the way.   We have drawn up a plan for their room and gosh, I can't WAIT to see that become a reality.

This last weekend, however, was all about our first floor - dramatic change from warm tones, reds & brown to cool grey & crisp white with shiny hardwood furniture & floors.  Think of a happy version of Restoration Hardware....yes oh yes.

Not only are we in LOVE with this grey tone but it's making our accessories that were 'ho hum' suddenly feel like new.  My husband is a rockstar because not only is he a fantastically successful & BUSY designer but he gave up his long Thanksgiving Day weekend to paint, trim, re-tile our hearth, & paint some more.

Here are some before's.....once we finish up the trim, wash our floors & put art back up on the walls, I'll post the afters!

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