Wednesday, October 5, 2011

our shenanigans in Ireland

There is no way to tell each and every story of this trip.

I'd either bore you silly or neglect my children so I'm boiling it down to a cheesy little top ten. I feel like it will forever help me remember the beautiful trip this was and will adequately describe how we spent our time in this glorious country.

Starting with #10 The beautiful Liffey River
This river cuts the city of Dublin in half and invites joggers, walkers, and shoppers to explore. The bridges that cross over her are so different. Some are lit. Some are architecturally bizarre but I just loved crossing over this river every time.

#9 Jameson Distillery & Guinness Storehouse.
I simply had no idea how much went into making these highly coveted liquids. Joel & I used a rainy Dublin day for this part of our was perfect.

#8 Seeing 'Donka a Letter to Chekov' at the Dublin Theater Festival all dressed up with my love. SO loved the Gaiety Theatre in downtown Dublin.

#7 Shopping the infamous Grafton Street...even in the pouring rain, I could have perused for hours...

#6 Arriving in Dublin on the warmest day of their ENTIRE YEAR and exploring Trinity College & seeing the majestic Book of Kells. Will never forget this day.

#5 St. Patrick's Cathedral. Standing before such history was truly remarkable.

#4 Climbing the Burren mountains with Joel & seeing the countryside I've been imagining for months and months.

#3 Eating at this quaint little scone house - Queen of Tarts. This award winning breakfast & lunch spot stole my heart & made me want to open a CLE branch...

#2 The almighty Cliffs of Moher. There are no words.

#1 - Of course was having an adventure with my best friend & love, Joel. There was SO much more that he and I were able to see, hear, do & experience....I am just so proud to have been at his side. Abroad & always.

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