Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the 'now'

As with all human kind, we tend to look ahead or we dwell in the past but rarely take time to realize the place we currently stand is so very beautiful.

Not always. I mean the hard stuff becomes beautiful but it's still hard.

I had a moment this morning where I smiled at my little world. We're happy, content, & provided for. We have a safety of friendships that enclose us and help us feel cared for. We have little 'want' for much. Just life and people to share it with.

Amazing when you re-enter life after being away - the way I look at my boys is different. I get up a little bit earlier just so I can lay down with Jude before I wake him up for school. I'm not quite as focused on getting that laundry running first thing but instead I let Leland snuggle for just about as long as he'd like.

Things are undone. The checklist hasn't been nearly half-way checked. That is OK.

I am thrilled for the journey I'm on with these men of mine & a future that is bright and open. Who knows where we'll end up or who we'll meet along the way....

I was inspired when I saw this on etsy today which complimented my current state rather perfectly.

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