Monday, October 24, 2011

as if we didn't have enough going on...

This week turned into a monster that I feel I completely built myself.

I am the one who said 'Yes' to each item
I am also big on getting it done, even to my own hurt.

Usually, I regret being away & doing too much.

'Cept, it was all really fun stuff.

A video shoot at my hubby's design firm that was just plain old fun & allowed me to meet some really wonderful first training with Bobbi Brown which left me fantastically in love with the products...and then doing tons & tons of makeup SELLING the BB product. Oh and yeah, we threw a little birthday party for my baby! Ok....he's turning 2 so maybe he's a boy. Nope. he's still my baby.

All in all, I have to say that while the pace was not something I could EVER do consistently, I am really glad I did it all. I feel really blessed to be in the place & moment I'm in. It's why I write. It's so I don't forget.

The other little tid bit of this last week was falling in love with Bobbi's new Marrakesh Fall 2011 line of color. I'm a pigment lover and these shadows & lip colors DELIVERED 100%. They're formulated with a wax that makes them perfect for smudging, using on lid/crease or even liners....


Jayme Pollock said...

I LOVE Bobbi Brown!! Great products...thanks for sharing! Hope all is well =]

Debi Bellville said...

I LOVE those colors! I'll have to stop in for a make-over :)